Investing in WorkWeb

WorkWeb is a revenue-generating disruptive startup company based in Denver, CO, offering a unique Business to Business (B2B) software solution suite for Telecom Services Reseller Channel Agencies.

In March of 2016, WorkWeb formally launched its product after 2 years of stealth development. Immediately, WorkWeb began generating revenue from early adopter companies who see WorkWeb as a superior and game-changing software solution suite. With WorkWeb, they have a one-pane-of-glass solution to replace the outdated, cobbled-together solutions they are working with today. These channel reseller agencies also view WorkWeb as a potential revenue source- a large number of current customers are interested in selling the WorkWeb software suite to their peers in the channel, and to their small and medium business customers throughout North America.


About Our Product Suite
WorkWeb is a SaaS platform architected to be easily configured as an affordable “SMB ERP” solution that can be readily sold to SMBs by Telco agents, MSPs or VARs looking to grow commission revenue. SMBs lean on their existing “Telco Channel” brokers as trusted advisors when choosing telecom/data services. Because of these existing trust relationships, SMBs will also leverage their Telco brokers when choosing and migrating to next generation business SaaS platform solutions like WorkWeb.

Our comprehensive, affordable SaaS/ERP offers modules include CRM, Project Mgt., Expense Mgt., Services Inventory Mgt., Workflow Customization, Sales Quote Generation and Tracking, Sales Commission Processing, Service Provisioning, Channel Partner Mgt., and Customer Service Tracking & Reporting. WorkWeb has 100% of the features required by Channel Agencies in an ERP solution.

Read more about our Products (Link to Products Page)

Why We Are Different
WorkWeb is a cloud software suite for business customers, similar in value proposition to big name companies like Netsuite and Salesforce.com, however our differentiation from those solutions is our WorkWeb Suite is targeted to a part of the business market where Netsuite and Salesforce, and other solutions, are both too expensive and not pre-designed to meet the customer needs of our specific target business customer. WorkWeb was built from the ground up with the telecom channel reseller agencies needs as it’s core directive.

Why Invest
WorkWeb is currently generating revenue and seeking additional capital from institutional investors to capitalize in product development, growing our sales and onboarding teams and formalizing customer acquisition strategies.

In addition to fine-tuning our go-to-market strategy and building out sales channels, WorkWeb is dedicated to continued leading-edge product development and preparing for a broader market launch.

As of May 2016, twenty channel reseller agencies have signed reseller partner agreements with WorkWeb, Inc.  WorkWeb’s ability to both sell direct to these channel agencies and then almost immediately have them begin selling WorkWeb to their peers within the channel, (as well as a longer-term opportunity to have them sell to a broader set of existing business customers) is an extremely rare characteristic of an early stage SaaS software company, and allows for potentially exponential growth.

This go-to-market model has already been proven in its early stages as viable for the channel partners and for WorkWeb, as well as for a small early group of small and medium businesses.

Investor Contact
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WorkWeb.io base quick start guide

All new accounts need to spend some time personalizing individual users and security. The administrative section of the website provides access to:

  • Manage your company profile (address, billing information, selected Modules, etc)
  • Group Security Settings
  • Widget Security
  • Table Maintenance (define drop-down values for entire site)
  • Stage Table (define the various stages of your sales cycle)
  • User Defined Fields (define fields for the collection of customer-specific information)
  • Company News List (create customer announcement messages to display on the home page)
  • Below is sequence of tasks that should be followed when setting up for the first time.

Step one

create the empty SaaS account, by clicking the "Sign-up" button at the top of the screen. By default the Account Owner will have full admin rights.

Step two

  • Go to Manage Company Profile.
  • Select the set of products you wish to have.

Step three

  • Create security Groups for each purchased product!
  • Administrative rights can be assigned to additional users by using the "Admin".
  • CRM is for CRM features only - there are no admin features in the product.

Step four

  • Add your users.
  • If the person is a manager and has people in the user group that report to them make sure to check the management box.

Step five

  • Assign the users the modules you wish to have them access - once you give it to them and confirm WorkWeb.io will charge them for this - you cannot remove it so be careful.
  • Based on the products you can now give that person appropriate security groups.

Step six

  • Set up Widget security.
  • Go to Widget Security and set up widget security group.
  • Assign widget groups to users.