PRM Portal

Companies can give their Agents/Partners a professional portal to better interact with them without the need for expensive web-developers, allowing agents to view their data. This is a must have to give Agents/Partners access to the Agent Portal.

  • Access to Partner Commission Reports
  • Portal for Agents or Partners
  • Allows interaction between 2 entities
  • Create & View Sales Leads
  • View & Retrieve Commissions Reports
  • Create orders through Order Management
  • Provide Agents/Partners documents & training materials
  • Agents/Partners must have Agent/Partner Access Seat to view Portal
  • Price: Per Seat: $5 per seat per month
  • Price: Packages: 50 seats for $50 per month


To find out more contact us at: 888-982-8126 or sales@workweb.io


WorkWeb.io base quick start guide

All new accounts need to spend some time personalizing individual users and security. The administrative section of the website provides access to:

  • Manage your company profile (address, billing information, selected Modules, etc)
  • Group Security Settings
  • Widget Security
  • Table Maintenance (define drop-down values for entire site)
  • Stage Table (define the various stages of your sales cycle)
  • User Defined Fields (define fields for the collection of customer-specific information)
  • Company News List (create customer announcement messages to display on the home page)
  • Below is sequence of tasks that should be followed when setting up for the first time.

Step one

create the empty SaaS account, by clicking the "Sign-up" button at the top of the screen. By default the Account Owner will have full admin rights.

Step two

  • Go to Manage Company Profile.
  • Select the set of products you wish to have.

Step three

  • Create security Groups for each purchased product!
  • Administrative rights can be assigned to additional users by using the "Admin".
  • CRM is for CRM features only - there are no admin features in the product.

Step four

  • Add your users.
  • If the person is a manager and has people in the user group that report to them make sure to check the management box.

Step five

  • Assign the users the modules you wish to have them access - once you give it to them and confirm WorkWeb.io will charge them for this - you cannot remove it so be careful.
  • Based on the products you can now give that person appropriate security groups.

Step six

  • Set up Widget security.
  • Go to Widget Security and set up widget security group.
  • Assign widget groups to users.