Why become an WorkWeb-Cloud partner?

  • To be part of a full-suite solution for today’s small and medium businesses
  • To get a bigger piece of the $240 Billion/ year marketplace
  • To get lower cost of customer acquisition and higher profit margins
  • To tap in to thousands of experienced technical salespeople nation-wide
  • To take advantage of discounts on merchant processing, customer support, custom tutorials, and more….

Small businesses are evolving.  They need more comprehensive tools and expect those tools to be best-in-class, built around the way they do business, and in the cloud.  And they expect their business tools to work together to save them time and money.   WorkWeb’s CRM-centric ERP understands the way small businesses work, what’s important to them, and how to grow with them.  Our platform and ERP integrates with strategic partners like Microsoft Office 365, Mailchimp, Avalara Tax, and others to become semi-customized solutions to specific underserved verticals… partnering to win the loyalty of today’s SMB.

Traditional software companies have failed to figure out how to reach the blue ocean of growing small businesses in the US.  Website-based selling and online marketplaces are too slow and require huge amounts of marketing and advertising to work.

WorkWeb partners benefit from both an enterprise-class platform architecture, a true ecosystem for collaboration and managing your sales, and access to a highly technical, experienced and motivated nation-wide sales force ready to start selling your product to their existing cloud-services customer-base of businesses making between $1M and $100M per year.

  • Manage Subscription Billing, Subscriptions, Upsells, Pre-payment, Refunds and complex SaaS Taxes
  • Customer Access Portal
  • Sales team on demand, commissions calculations, splits, promotions, and rev-share
  • Customizable automated customer tour and training tools for your software

Come Grow with Us!

Learn more about WorkWeb, our platform, our partners, and how you can become a part of the cloud revolution by contacting partners@workweb.io or by filling out this contact form.




WorkWeb.io base quick start guide

All new accounts need to spend some time personalizing individual users and security. The administrative section of the website provides access to:

  • Manage your company profile (address, billing information, selected Modules, etc)
  • Group Security Settings
  • Widget Security
  • Table Maintenance (define drop-down values for entire site)
  • Stage Table (define the various stages of your sales cycle)
  • User Defined Fields (define fields for the collection of customer-specific information)
  • Company News List (create customer announcement messages to display on the home page)
  • Below is sequence of tasks that should be followed when setting up for the first time.

Step one

create the empty SaaS account, by clicking the "Sign-up" button at the top of the screen. By default the Account Owner will have full admin rights.

Step two

  • Go to Manage Company Profile.
  • Select the set of products you wish to have.

Step three

  • Create security Groups for each purchased product!
  • Administrative rights can be assigned to additional users by using the "Admin".
  • CRM is for CRM features only - there are no admin features in the product.

Step four

  • Add your users.
  • If the person is a manager and has people in the user group that report to them make sure to check the management box.

Step five

  • Assign the users the modules you wish to have them access - once you give it to them and confirm WorkWeb.io will charge them for this - you cannot remove it so be careful.
  • Based on the products you can now give that person appropriate security groups.

Step six

  • Set up Widget security.
  • Go to Widget Security and set up widget security group.
  • Assign widget groups to users.