Who can become a WorkWeb-Cloud Certified Reseller ?

  • Telecom/Data Reseller Channel Partner
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • System Integrator(SI)
  • Value Added Reseller(VAR)
  • Cloud-Service Provider
  • Business owners

“Business IT” is at the beginning stages of a global transformation and it represents a huge opportunity for technology services resellers and consultants to evolve and transform and grow their businesses.

Over the next 10 years, business of all sizes, from the single-person business to the largest global corporations, will have to migrate the majority of their IT spending on computing services and business application software to “The Cloud”.

mtuskerThis is more than a technology migration: it is also a business finance and business operations migration for you and your customers. The cloud revolution will change almost all Premise/CAPEX spending on Business IT services to Cloud/OPEX spending.  Are you ready?  Are your customers?

The global market for “Cloud-IT Services” will grow from $150B/year in 2016 in recurring OPEX spending to over $1.5T in recurring spending by 2025.

This movement of spending will be the largest movement of business technology services spending in human history and it’s a rare and large opportunity for you to grow your technology sales and support business as fast as you want to grow it.


The WorkWeb Advantage

  • Make the transition from a twentieth century business IT model to a twenty-first century Cloud IT model with WorkWeb
    • WorkWeb has built a SaaS platform laser-focused on making your Business-IT partner/resales/consulting business run more efficiently with the “Cloud IT Channel Partner ERP Package”.
    • This SaaS ERP solution for technology resales and support professionals is a single pane of glass solution for all your internal business operations’ needs.
    • WorkWeb automates and streamlines your business workflow from prospecting and lead qualification to customer relationship management to services, quoting and project management.  After the sale, we support your business with problem ticketing, commissions tracking, client access portals and much, much more.
    • WorkWeb will help you evolve into and rapidly grow your technology sales and support business in the coming “Cloud-IT future”.
  • WorkWeb is also a flexible, scalable and secure “Business SaaS” platform that is already growing and expanding to offer services that you can RESELL to your business customers.
    • WorkWeb certified partners can resell and support WorkWeb-built SaaS modules and integrated 3rd party SaaS modules
    • WorkWeb is surveying the exploding world of business SaaS vendors for you and your customers and qualifying and supporting, for you, the best solutions for your business customers in every business vertical market.
  • When you join the WorkWeb Certified SaaS consultant program you will instantly become the trusted “SaaS Solutions Consultant” for all your business customers by offering WorkWeb-certified business SaaS solutions.


Come Grow with Us!

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WorkWeb.io base quick start guide

All new accounts need to spend some time personalizing individual users and security. The administrative section of the website provides access to:

  • Manage your company profile (address, billing information, selected Modules, etc)
  • Group Security Settings
  • Widget Security
  • Table Maintenance (define drop-down values for entire site)
  • Stage Table (define the various stages of your sales cycle)
  • User Defined Fields (define fields for the collection of customer-specific information)
  • Company News List (create customer announcement messages to display on the home page)
  • Below is sequence of tasks that should be followed when setting up for the first time.

Step one

create the empty SaaS account, by clicking the "Sign-up" button at the top of the screen. By default the Account Owner will have full admin rights.

Step two

  • Go to Manage Company Profile.
  • Select the set of products you wish to have.

Step three

  • Create security Groups for each purchased product!
  • Administrative rights can be assigned to additional users by using the "Admin".
  • CRM is for CRM features only - there are no admin features in the product.

Step four

  • Add your users.
  • If the person is a manager and has people in the user group that report to them make sure to check the management box.

Step five

  • Assign the users the modules you wish to have them access - once you give it to them and confirm WorkWeb.io will charge them for this - you cannot remove it so be careful.
  • Based on the products you can now give that person appropriate security groups.

Step six

  • Set up Widget security.
  • Go to Widget Security and set up widget security group.
  • Assign widget groups to users.